Title, billing, accounting and collections questions are managed by: 

HOA Accounting Service, P.O. Box 29468, St. Louis MO 63126, 

Fran Lucchesi, fran@hoa-stl.com

Website: http://subdivisionhoa.org 

Facebook: Chesterfield Valley/Valley View Neighborhood

Trustees 2023

Grounds, Matt Baker (supervise lawn service, lighting, and irrigation)

 Volunteered Nov 2020, if elected serves to 2024

16309 Idlewood, 618-540-4762, hoatrustees@gmail.com

Construction,Jill Adams (approve residents request for outdoor construction) 

16311 Hillcroft, 515-306-4370, hoatrustees@gmail.com

Community , Karen Boykin (improve street lighting)

Volunteered October 2021 serves to 2024

16308 Idlewood Ct, 214-566-4726,  hoatrustees@gmail.com

At Large, Danielle Wargel   ( Website )

Volunteered Oct 2023 to replace trustee 

16225 Bear Branch 651-341-5646 hoatrustees@gmail.com

Administrative, Paul Temme (budgets, mtgs, accounting, ) 

 Volunteered Feb 2020 expires Feb 2023, extended to 2024

2780 Autumn Run, 314-616-1616, hoatrustees@gmail.com



Chesterfield Valley/ Valley View Neighborhood

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