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Chesterfield Valley/ Valley View

November 1, 2021

Hi Neighbor,

The HOA trustees have reviewed the collection process specified in the subdivision indentures and the written policy adopted in 2007 and updated as follows:  The process for 2022 HOA invoices is 

1. December 1     Annual HOA fee invoice mailed

2. 30 days        HOA accounting office sends past due notices to all who have outstanding balances with copy of collection process.

3. 60 days        Past due account sent to collection Attorney for notice (cost added to account $125)

4. 90 days              Attorney files a lien on property (cost of $250 added to account) and notifies homeowner of lien filed on property.

5. 120 days            Attorney files suit (cost added to account $1,000 plus fees) and notifies Homeowner of lawsuit.

All dates are approximate based on calendar workdays and accountant / attorney availability. 

When account goes into collections, the trustees can no longer discuss the outstanding fees with the homeowner.

For your current past due 2021 HOA fees exceed $10,000 the collection process is as follows:

November 1  Accounting office sends final past due notice 

60days       Account sends to collection attorney, $125 added to account

90 days          Attorney files lien on property, $250 added to account

120 days        Attorney files lawsuit on owners, $1000 added to account

Please pay your outstanding balance before incurring the added cost of the collection process.

Chesterfield Valley/ Valley View

November 1, 2021

Hi Neighbor,

Subdivision news

  • 1.    Two trustees have resigned over work schedule conflicts.  Karen Boykin has volunteered to be the “at large “ trustee and improve and reducing the cost of streetlights. We need a  volunteer from Valley View. Please consider volunteering to help our neighborhood by email or call Paul Temme 314 616 1616.
  • 2.    The HOA has been working with Wildwood City for two years to restore our tree lined image by replacing missing city trees. ( Trees between walk and street are Wildwood property) Our study indicated there are 76 missing trees from the ash tree disease. Wildwood’s fall 2021 budget includes planting 32 trees in our neighborhood. We have agreed to pay an up charge to have a larger tree planted. The total HOA cost is about $5,000. The 2021 planting will target Quail Valley and Sun Meadow, our main thru streets, with other streets in 2022. The planting list by address is on our website under news.
  • 3.    The HOA is planning to invest again in planting over 30 trees in 2022, upgrading the streetlights with LED for more lighting of streets and reduce cost, replace the landscape/ low voltage lighting to all 6 entrance monuments. To accomplish these projects the annual HOA fee will increase from $250 to $300 per year beginning in 2022. Our HOA fee has not been increased in years, is below like subdivisions, and is needed to support increasing the home value of our subdivision.
  • 4.    The HOA trustees have agreed to support subdivision activates like parades, Easter egg hunts, coffee trucks, and other activates that support our neighbor. This is not to replace current activity organizers but to support their efforts.
  • 5.     There is increasing concern over car and garage break-in from leaving a vehicle unlocked with the garage door opener in it. We will be reaching out to Wildwood police and neighbor watch to help increase awareness “LOCK YOUR CARS” .
  • 6.    HOA collection fees for past due HOA fees. There are 11 homeowners’ pasts due in the current year and a couple for many years with a  balance over $10,000.  The existing 2007  collection policy has not been followed. The policy of 30 day past due letter, collection letter at 60 days, Lien on property at 90, and legal court action at 120 will be followed going forward. The cost associated with each step is added by the accounting service to the homeowner account. Once a past due is sent to collection attorney, all communication must be with attorney regarding settlement.
  • 7.    This year we published a directory, thanks again to Larry Patey. Only 50% of homeowners provided email and telephone contact information. Emails are used to send out newsletter and phone number for emergency contact. Contact info is not  given to any other organization. If your contact info was not in directory, please send it to Otherwise check the website for newsletters.
  • 8.    The annual HOA meeting will be held  Thursday February 24, 2022. Please plan to attend discussion on landscape, lighting, budget and to get your questions answered . If you wish to contact a  trustee before the meeting, visit

October 25, 2021

The City of Wildwood has agreed to plant 32 trees in our subdivision this fall to begin replacing the 76 dead and removed ash trees. Of the 32, the HOA is upgrading about 20 to larger trees ( 2.5" trunk) instead of the normal 5 gallon bucket small tree. This upgrade will cost about $4920.00 from the current HOA fees. The thru street , Quail Valley and Sun Meadow, will be the streets planted this year. Next year we plan to the cul de sacs.  We need the resident to care for the tree and instructions will follow. The address of the this year's planting are: 

2786 Quail Valley (entrance needs 3 total)

2780 Quail Valley (1 tree)

2756 Quail Valley (2 trees at stumps)

2707 Quail Valley (1 at stump)

16254 Quail Valley (1 on Hillcroft corner)

16251 Birchbrook  (1 birchbrook side and 1 quail valley side)

16307 Birchbrook (1 Quail Valley side at stump)

2753 Hillcroft ( 1 Quail Valley side and 1 Hillcroft side)

16253 Quail Valley (1 closer to mailbox)

2601 SunMeadow (2 SMALL trees down across the street from this in common ground area at stumps)

2620 SunMeadow (1 near driveway)

2639 SunMeadow (1 corner of SunMeadow and Sundance Creek)

2650 SunMeadow (1)

2704 SunMeadow (1 common ground SMALL tree)

16405 Woodlodge (1 SunMeadow stump)

16401 Ranchester (2 at corner of SunMeadow and Ranchetser)

16400 Ranchester (1 corner, 1 mailbox, 1 closer to 2741 SunMeadow)

2789 SunMeadow (1 close to mailbox)

2753 Hillcroft (1 SMALL tree at stump in between 2739 Hillcroft)

2732 Hillcroft (1 SMALL at stump)

2727 Hillcroft (1 SMALL by mailbox)

2714 Hillcroft (1 SMALL by mailbox and 1 towards 2708 Hillcroft)

2709 Hillcroft (1 SMALL in front of house)

If you have any questions please contact Trustee Matt Baker 


The Ash trees between the street and sidewalk have a disease common to ash and is the major cause of  the trees dying  and being removed. Our inventory indicates 76 trees need to replaced to restore our neighbor to its original street lined design. 

There is now a chemical treatment which can control the disease Matt Baker, Trustee for grounds, has been working with Wildwood to develop plans to save and replace trees. 

Rick Brown, Director of Public Works ,Wildwood  has identified another 12 ash trees in Chesterfield Valley/Valley View for treatment.  This will bring the total treated to 61 in both subdivisions, see below.